21 November 2014


For all application forms please print a copy, complete and return to the BDC with the fee, cheques made payable to the British Dance Council and send to 240, Merton Road, South Wimbledon London SW19 1EQ. Your form will arrive quicker at the BDC if you use first class post. Please avoid using Recorded delivery or Special Delivery as that there may not be anyone available to sign on arrival in the post.

You may also complete and scan your form and send to secretary@british-dance-council.org and pay direct to the BDC account by contacting your bank.


 2014 Amateur Competitor Registration Form  - you may apply now!

Ballroom, Latin and Sequence for all amateur competitors above beginner grade:

  • Under 12 years Juvenile
  • between 12 and 16 years Junior
  • 16 years and over Adult

All applications must be made direct to the British Dance Council.

The British Dance Council has no agreement with any organisation regarding amateur registration all application forms must be signed by the applicant or parent/guardian and forwarded to the BDC with the fee.

When going up to the next grade you must send your card back for amendment at that time.

Amateur competitors may choose to become members of any organisation, however, a licenced registration for competitors in England must be made direct to the BDC. In Scotland contact Dancesport Scotland and in Wales contact Dancesport Wales (previously the Welsh Amateur Dancesport Association)

......Download Amateur registration application form

......Download associated Press Release



2014 Professional Competitor Registration Form

Ballroom, Latin American and Sequence competitions and championships.

If you are competing in professional competitions or championships in Great Britain under BDC rules it is required that you register as a professional competitor. Each partner should submit a separate application.

......Download Professional Competitor Application




Adjudicating - You may download an adjudicator application form here

This application form allows you to apply for an adjudicator licence for Ballroom, Latin American, Sequence, Freestyle, Rock'n'roll, Country Western or Salsa competitions or championships

......Download 2014 Application Form

2014 Formation Team Registration

If you are entering a formation team in an event you must register each team name separately.

......Download Formation Team Registration Form


 A new Freestyle Rule Book will be issued from 1st January 2013 and continues through 2014 with small amendment

Freestyle Status Cards, and Competition Information

Freestyle Dance School registration for Status Cards

Swipe cards for Freestyle competitors will be introduced during 2014 all competitors entering in BDC competitions must be registered.

Freestyle Dance school/Teacher registration - for BDC status cards you must register your school when applying for status cards.  Contact the BDC office about status cards            

BDC Freestyle Status Cards

You may apply now

All Freestyle competitors must be registered for Freestyle status cards to enter competitions
Solo, Pairs. Slow and Teams

Status card application form - you must be registed with the British Dance Council as a Freestyle Teacher to apply for status cards
If you have not already registered with the BDC to apply for Status cards please contact the BDC Company Secretary for details.           

To Download Block Registration Freestyle Status Cards Form. . . . . .click here

To Download Freestyle Team Registration Form .......Click here

To Download Freesyle Change of School Form ........Click here

To Download Freestyle Competition Registration Form  ............Click here



 Freestyle Competition Report Form

Please contact the British Dance Council office for competition report forms.  (Green form) you can only obtain green forms if you have registered your competition with the British Dance Council


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