15 December 2018


Send your completed form in to the BDC office - paying bank to bank transfer is quicker and it will be processed as soon as possible.  Cheques take four working days to clear when paid in at the BDC.

Some forms for 2019 are already available on this  page below others  will be available soon for 2019. 
Please do not use the 2018 forms below for 2019 registration they will not be  accepted.

2018 forms expire on 31st December this year and are not  to register for 2019

2018 Application forms

Amateur competitor forms Juvenile, Junior and Adult

To download a 2018 Amateur registration form and payment details .... CLICK HERE

if you are competing in 2018 you need to be registered

2019 Amateur competitor registration forms click to download you may scan and send your form to secretary@british-dance-council.org  - forms that have been photographed and sent by email will not be accepted , 

see age groups below:

Looking for Freestyle forms go to the foot of this page

Please avoid using Recorded delivery or Special Delivery as they may be returned to the sorting office for collection ad delay your application..

You may also complete and scan your form and send to secretary@british-dance-council.org and pay direct to the BDC account by contacting your bank.  

Please do not send photograph copies of forms, these will be rejected

Amateur Competitor Registration - see link above for form

Ballroom, Latin and Sequence for all amateur competitors above beginner grade:

  • Juvenile - Under 12 years 
  • Junior - 12 and 15 years inclusive
  • Adult - 16 years and over

All applications must be made direct to the British Dance Council.

The British Dance Council has no agreement with any organisation regarding amateur registration all application forms must be signed by the applicant or parent/guardian and forwarded to the BDC with the fee.

When going up to the next age group you must send your card back for amendment before your birthday a new card will be sent out to you.  You should download and complete a new form and mark it "upgrade to higher age group" and you will be sent a new card free of charge.

All amateur competitors: juvenile, junior and adult must be registered with the British Dance Council.  You may choose to become members of any organisation, however, a Brtiish Dance Council licence registration is required to compete in all competitions and championships run under BDC rules.     Please register in the age group you are in at the time of applying you may upgrade your card later in the year by returning it to the BDC office to be amended to download the form see link above.


Professional Competitor Registration Form

Ballroom, Latin American and Sequence competitions and championships.

If you are competing in professional competitions or championships in Great Britain under BDC rules it is required that you register as a professional competitor. Each partner should submit a separate application.

2018 Professional Competitor application form​.....Click here to download form

2019 Professional Competitor application form .....click here to download form

​Professional competitors if you are competing outside Great Britain and you are registered as a professional competitor  contact the Secretary ​ If you have not registered as an international competitor before also contact the BDC Secretary

If you only compete in Sequence Competitions contact the BDC Secretary
                     ~~ ~ ~ ~        ~~ ~ ~ ~         ~~ ~ ~ ~         ~~ ~ ~ ~         ~~ ~ ~ ~         ~~ ~ ~ ~           ~~ ~ ~ ~

All Adjudicator licence applications

Since 11th September 2017 when applying for a BDC adjudicator licence to comply with legal requirements you are required to view an on-line Equality & Unconscious Bias development programme.

To enable you to view the programme please email: secretary@british-dance-council.org and request that you be added to the list giving your full name and the email address that you wish to be registered with, you willl sent back confirmation of the registration with a unique password to log in to the programme.  If there are two applicants at the same email address they should each supply different emails to register.  Please allow 24 hours for your email to be registered.

Once you have completed the on-line Equality & Unconscious programme you may download the adjudicator application form and complete and return to the BDC with the fee as applicable to make your application

If you are judging outside of Great Britain you are required to obtain a WDC registration contact the Secretary

2018 Adjudicator application forms to download click here 

2019 Adjudicator application forms to download ... click here

All enquries including log in regarding the programme contact the administrator secretary@british-dance-council.org

This application form allows you to apply for an adjudicator licence for Ballroom, Latin American, Sequence, Freestyle, Rock'n'roll, Country Western or Salsa competitions and/or championships once you have completed the on-line Equality & Unconscious programme.

2019 Annual Scrutineer Registration 

To officiate at competitions or Championships as a scrutineer if you do not hold an adjudicator licence you must apply for the Annual Scrutineer registration for 2019

To download the scutineer application form ...click here  


Running competitions under BDC rules:

If you run competitions under BDC rules in accordance with BDC rule 81.  You must register as an organiser/promoter with the BDC

Organisers/Promoters form for 2018-2019

Please download and complete and return the form to the BDC office: Click here to download the form

Formation Team Registration 2019 Ballroom, Latin or Sequence 
(this form is not for Freestyle Teams)

If you are entering a formation team in an event you must register each team name separately.

2019 formation team registration click here

Swipe cards for Freestyle competitors are being issued for all status cards from now all competitors must be registered to enter Freestyle competitions.

Freestyle Dance school/Teacher registration - for BDC status cards you must register your school when applying for status cards.  Contact the BDC office about status cards            

BDC Freestyle Status Cards

All Freestyle Competitions must be registered - Contact the BDC Secretary for full details secretary@british-dance-council.org

All Freestyle competitors must be registered for Freestyle status cards to enter competitions

Solo, Pairs. Slow and Teams forms below

Status card application form - you must be registed with the British Dance Council as a Freestyle Teacher to apply for status cards
If you have not already registered with the BDC to apply for Status cards please contact the BDC Company Secretary for details.   A list of registered BDC Freestyle competitions is available on the competitions page.        
You must register with the form below before applying for staus cards

The BDC request that you send your Freestyle applications for registration and for status cards by post, WE DO NOT ACCEPT FREESTYLE APPLICATIONS BY EMAIL - FOR TROPHY DAYS OR STATUS CARDS OR REGISTRATION.

ALL matters relating to Freestyle are governed by the BDC/ADFP Official Freestyle Rules 

​2019 Freestyle application forms below:

1. Dance school registration form to register your school to obtain status cards  
2019 click to download school registration form

2. Status card - 2019 status card block application form  ... click to download

3. Trophy Day forms - MUST be applied for 28 days before the event 2019 ..... click here to download TROPHY DAY application form

4. Change of school form 2019 click here to apply for a change of school

5.  Freestyle 2019 team registration  Click here to download form



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