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Sequence Advisory Committee

The Sequence Advisory Committee comprises of one delegate from each of the examining BDC Corporate Members, a delegate from the Welsh Alliance of Teachers of Dancing and independent delegates who are elected each year.

The Committee has the powers to conduct introductory trials of possible additions to the Official Dances used in Competitions and Championships, and to advise on additions and deletions to the dances listed in the British Dance Council Rule Book.

In order to maintain conformity in all forms of Sequence Dancing, it advises the Corporate Members of the British Dance Council on matters concerning Professional Examinations, and monitors and advises on matters associated with Inventive Dance Competitions and the publication of the scripts of new winning dances.

The Sequence Advisory Committee organise the British Dance Council's Inventive Dance Competition each year usually on the first Sunday in August.

See our events page for BDC Inventive Dance Competition details,  see also our Gallery for photographs.

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Sequence Charted BDC Dances

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Recent amendment

To all Professionals

All the waltz turns underturned as stated on the Website and those dances listed on the Website as being amended.

The rationale behind this is as follows:

All underturned waltz turns ending facing or backing wall or centre along LOD or ALOD will finish in 3 rd position. If underturned to a diag alignment will stay as a 5th position.

  • Veleta Bar 10
  • Fylde Waltz Bar 11
  • Imperial Waltz Bar 11
  • Waverley Two Step Bar 3 & 7
  • Liberty Two Step Bar 6
  • Kensington Two Step Bar 7 & 13
  • Wedgewood Blue Gavotte Bar 14



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